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Delivery Service


  • Led by a seasoned and energized management team with over 150 years of combined experience across multiple industries (including airlines, packaged goods, restaurants, and technology start-ups)

Our Team

Delivery Service

Customer Services

  • AYG Delivers food, beverages and retail items
  • Order methods include delivery, pickup and pre-order
  • AYG team can deliver intra-and inter-terminal and has SIDA badges to deliver to secured areas
Delivery Service

Partnership Network

  • Airports, Airlines and Concessions Operators
  • Corporate travel agencies and managers
  • Credit card and loyalty programs
  • Travel partners (rental cars, shuttles, hotels and more)

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Delivery Service

Addressable Market

  • ~8.7 billion passengers globally and ~2.0 billion in the US
  • ~197 million flight crews and 17.4 million airport employees globally
Delivery Service

Growth Plans

  • Operations in 17 airports with plans for up to 10 more by end of 2021
  • Plans to expand to 85+ airports by the end of 2024