April 16, 2020

In-Airport Contactless Delivery & COVID-19 Response

AtYourGate is working closely with local governments to remain informed of the changes taking place due to COVID-

19. You might have some questions about keeping your food and products safe during this unprecedented time.

Our number one priority has, and always will be, the health and wellness of our employees, restaurants, stores, and customers. This is why we take CDC compliance seriously and regularly adhere to their latest guidance on sanitation and cleanliness.

While COVID-19 is not foodborne or food-transmitted, as confirmed by numerous health specialists, including Purdue University’s Department of Food Science, we have put in place many guidelines to protect every individual involved in the food delivery process:

Delivery & Cleaning Protocols

  • Wash hands frequently and use alcohol-based sanitizer regularly

  • Sanitize all equipment regularly (phones, Chromebooks, tablets, etc.)

  • Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose
  • Trained on the proper use of PPE (masks & gloves)
  • Cover sneezes/coughs with elbow or tissue and discard immediately, instead of hands.
  • Avoid handshakes — elbow bump if you need to
  • Wipe down frequently touched surfaces, thermal bags,


  • Non-contact delivery options offered on every delivery

  • Social Distance whenever possible


We expect the situation to continue to evolve and we will keep you in the loop along the way. By coming together and following trusted guidelines and recommendations, we can all play an important part in keeping the AtYourGate & Airport communities healthy and safe while helping support the employees, airlines & restaurants that make travel enjoyable.

If you have questions or would like any clarity, please feel free to contact me directly ([email protected])

PJ Mastracchio, CEO & Founder, AtYourGate